Since 1986, our consulting and business development clients have come from a broad range of backgrounds and they have started and grown a diverse group of businesses. Some have been interested in achieving clear vision and establishing concrete plans to compress the typical start-up ramp time. Others have sought support to grow their businesses to the next level. All have had a common interest, namely, results. Outlined below is a sampling of remarks shared by start-up entrepreneurs that have participated in the Entrepreneurial Training Program which focused on the development of effective business plans for their new businesses.

“I have an MBA from a top ten school, but I wanted a way to get the structure to put my business plan together that books and websites could not provide. Not only did I get the structure I sought, but I also got valuable information from the guest speakers; insights from one-to-one consulting sessions with the instructor; and fresh ideas from breakout groups with my colleagues. I’d recommend this program to anyone interested in succeeding in business.” EBC

“I received the knowledge to develop a real step-by-step plan to start my business. The program focused on all the key points, the most important aspects of business and has left me far more confident and prepared. The ETP has greatly improved my opportunity for success.” ERC

“I knew that I was good, technically, but I didn’t know anything about running a business. I needed the knowledge to build my confidence. The program exceeded my expectations. The commitment of the instructor to my success took me awhile to get used to, coming out of corporate America. I learned what I did not even know what I had to know. I’d love to repeat the program and would recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a business.” JKC

“My partner and I felt we needed help to create a strong business plan to attract investors. The program had a number of benefits. We liked the way the program kept us on track and broke down subjects into pieces, and the support we received. The one-to-ones gave us real clarity. We could have discovered all this stuff over a number of years, through difficult trial and error. The program was a shortcut to our success.” CAL