Entrepreneurial Training Program

Watch these short clips of the instructor and program participants to learn more of the Entrepreneurial Training Program.

  • The Entrepreneurial Training Program was created in 1989 by Commonwealth Corporation, a quasi-public Massachusetts state agency
  • Robust twenty week training program enables entrepreneurs to create effective business plans and launch successful new businesses
  • Designed to address the needs of individuals with limited business experience, and prior part-time and full-time business experience
  • Different from separate workshops or seminars in that it offers an integrated approach to thinking through the new business concept
  • Unique among business planning programs due to program content quality, instructor and guest expertise, and group diversity
  • Over 3,000 entrepreneurs have graduated from the program, state-wide, representing, about 70% of program entrants, since inception
  • At last measurement, approximately 70% of newly started businesses were still in business after 3 years, a reversal of commonly cited non-assisted business statistics
  • Proudly delivered through a partnership of Jermain & Company and Northern Essex Community College in the Merrimack Valley